Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza, the namesake restaurant of the 1988 movie, is a bit of a tourist trap. But they do serve some fantastic pizza and calzones!


Ah... Pie!

The movie plays on a continuous loop in the dining area.
Did you know this was the first movie to feature Matt Damon in a speaking role?

Mystic Pizza mints for the road.

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Tarmy said...

mmmm.... sign me up for that calzone! it looks mighty tasty.

Should I be embarrassed that I have never heard of the movie Mystic Pizza?
I'm pretty sure I was only 7 in 1988...

Jake Egbert said...

I admit, I had never seen it either. It just never appeared to be my type of movie.

Over Christmas break they played it on AMC (edited, I suppose, since it was originally R-rated). I recorded it and it took up valuable space on my DVR until I eventually forced myself to watch it. I carved it off in 20-minute increments until I finished it. Now I can say definitively that is not my type of movie. Incidentally, I still don't like Julia Roberts...

Still a great pizza place though!