Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Do You Find A-Luring?

I snapped a few pictures of a lonely lost fishing lure sitting on a pylon down by the Connecticut River. These large wooden pylons are each capped with copper or brass that bears the scars of countless bait dissections, fish cleanings, and seagull bombings.

I liked the close-up shots of the red and white lure with its steel leader. But, then I tried processing these into black and white with a green filter setting and I really liked those results, too. Here are two different shots shown in both the color and B&W versions. Do you like one better than the other? In color or B&W?

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Derek said...

I like the second photo in B&W. I think the leader wrapping around gives it a little more depth.

There are also some interesting color variations in the second color photo, but I think it would make the photo more interesting if you could bring them out more. Especially that blue in the background.

Jake Egbert said...

Thanks Derek. Great to hear from you!

Tarmy said...

I find I like the cows of the previous post... Ü

I think I like the first b&w of the fishing lure if I were to choose one.