Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial

We made a trip to Vermont to see if there are still any colored leaves up here. We missed the peak leaf season but it is still beautiful. And cold! It dropped to 34 degrees just after dark!

We stopped at the Joseph Smith Jr. Birthplace Memorial in Sharon, VT. I was hoping to get there in time to shoot some photographs at sunset... Well, we missed that by about a half an hour. After the visitor center closed up I got out the tripod to play around with some night photography.


In this long exposure I was hoping to get some star trails around the North Star. You can see some starting, but the monument is so bright that any longer exposure would have washed out even more than this.

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Tarmy said...

It's a tie between 2 and 3 of which is my favorite of these.
wish I was there too!

Jake Egbert said...

In that second one you can actually see streaks on the hill from the kids running around with their light sticks. This was a 2.5 minute exposure which is why the monument was so washed out.