Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Night of the Super Moon (Continued)

Here are a few additional shots from March 19, the night of the Super Moon. These pictures do not necessarily feature the moon so here they are in their own separate post! Do you like any in particular?

The crane on the left was in constant motion as it dredged the bottom of the harbor bringing up bucket after bucket of dripping mud.

Similar to the first shot but a much closer crop of the yacht club light house.

Steel water

Lynde Point Lighthouse over the reeds.

I left this exposure open long enough to capture a few stars and quite a bit of light flare. Blurry or interesting?


Tarmy said...

I like the light house over the reeds. I really like the lighting and the bright moon. It kind of looks a little sci-fi other worldly to me but real. You know it's dark or getting dark but it seems like there is still a big sun.

Nice shots!

Jake Egbert said...

Yeah, the reeds were close-up and moving in the wind so they have kind of a ghosting effect going on. I think they add to the composition.