Thursday, July 7, 2011

Graffiti on Fire

As part of our 4th of July celebration we broke out the sparklers and covered the neighborhood in brilliant temporary graffiti!

I asked one of the kids to bring me a flashlight while I was getting set up for sparklers and fireworks. Success!

Ghostly feet all over the street

The flaming swirling vortex of doom!

A 3D signature?

This one *is* a signature

Possibly my favorite of the sparkler set
Stay tuned for the fireworks show!
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Tarmy said...

Cool! These are some of my favorite pictures. Maybe next year, if fireworks are still legal in AZ, we'll get some. I felt like the kids were still too little This year

vt said...

I love all of these sparkler/fireworks/nighttime pics! Fun stuff- I especially love the ones in these posts! -Vi