Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lynde Point Lighthouse Sunset

I was scanning through photos tonight and these shots of the Lynde Point Lighthouse in Old Saybrook caught my eye. On October 6 I was headed home from baseball practice with my son and we just had to stop and capture this sunset. I set up a tripod and let my 8-year-old trip some of the 6 to 10 second exposures, so I guess he technically took a few of these. I have to admit I am thrilled when I see my kids getting excited about this stuff.

We missed the really brilliant moments of the sunset by about 5 minutes so as good as these look they could have been incredible.

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Tarmy said...

These are cool. I like the last one best. Somehow the first three look fake to me because of how orange they are. I can't believe how glassy the water looks.

Jake Egbert said...

Thanks, Tarmy. It takes special skill to make a real photograph appear fake! :)

You can see there was much more color variation at the wide angle (the second shot). The third shot was essentially zoomed in to the solid orange section of the one above it. A tripod and a 300mm lens brings things right up close.