Thursday, July 29, 2010

Composition: Foreground Study #2

The red dinghy is back again. I received a few good comments on yesterday's post, thank you. While similar to the first pics, this set is more focused on keeping the foreground in focus rather than the objects in the distance, if you get my... um, focus.

This photo is nearly identical to this one posted yesterday. Shifting the focus forward and the horizon up seems to reduce the crowded feel that it had before.



Angel emailed and suggested that I crop this picture, which I posted here yesterday, to improve it. Did it work?

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Amy said...

Jake your pictures are stunning. The first two are my favorites.

Jake Egbert said...

Thanks, Amy!

Tarmy said...

I think I like the earlier with the focus on the bridge and boats and not the dingy's.
I do like the cropped one of the grass better.
And I always like sunsets Ü
Nice shots.