Thursday, July 29, 2010

Composition: Foreground Study

I've been trying some different things with photo composition lately. The other night I took these with the object of keeping objects in the foreground in an attempt to create a sense of depth and make the pictures more interesting.

What do you think? Does the technique improve any of these shots for you?

The Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge over a rack of dinghies. I like the solid red and green in the foreground, I just wish I could have taken this from a slightly higer position to reduce the crowding of the boats on the river with the dinghies.

Another shot over the dinghies. Again, I wish I could have positioned it so the boats on the river weren't obstructed.

Bridge over grass #1

Bridge over grass #2.
These two shots are similar and there are things about each that I like. Which one do you like better?

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Derek said...

Jake, I like the use of objects in foreground. I like what you did with the shots, but I agree that it would have been nicer to be a few feet higher.

I really like it when it is possible to get the objects in the foreground to frame the objects far away (e.g. window frames, door frames, hole in the trees, etc)

Jake Egbert said...

Thanks, Derek.

So you would like a shot framed like the first one in this post...