Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Portland - The One in Oregon #2

After my work conference was over I was able to hook up with my best friend and his wife for dinner. While I was waiting for him to finish work (less than 3 blocks from my hotel!) I took in some more of the local sights.

Portland is a city full of beautiful green parks, hipsters, and homeless people. Actually, I don't know if they're all really homeless, they could just be regular people that choose to sleep in the park at all times of the day... Homeless or not, I came within 25 feet of a few individuals that had used neither soap nor deoderant in many long and aromatic days (Yes, 25 feet and it nearly knocked me over!).

How many sleeping lumps of humanity can you spot in these pictures?



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Tarmy said...

I only count one that I know for sure and then I'd assume there is the same one in the next picture... Does that mean I don't have a very keen eye?

Jake Egbert said...

The lump in the center of the last picture is not the same as the lump on the left edge of the third picture. There were actually several more people sleeping in this park and I tried to frame my shots to avoid them as much as possible.

I also captured a family of Indians (from India!) and a group of pierced, inked, and dyed teens who put on an impromptu dance performance just for me. I'm sure the kids were thinking it would be funny to ruin my serene park scenery by inserting themselves conspicuously in the background. It was funny, I suppose. When I gave them the thumbs up and kept shooting pictures they got embarrassed and disappeared back into the greenery.