Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunset on the Connecticut River - Lines

My post Monday night seemed fine... until the pics disappeared. Here goes again to see if the uploads will stick... Thanks!

We took a walk along the river at sunset on Saturday night. I love the color of the light. I came back with many photos. These all feature dominant lines in their composition.

Boardwalk Under the Bridge
(It looks almost 3 dimensional)

Train Bound for Boston
(This one is probably too similar to the first one to be artistically significant... But is has a train in it, ergo, it is cool, ergo, here it is!)

Zigzag Path to the Osprey Nests

Here's another one that is pretty similar to the one right above it. I like enough to include it anyway. Which of the two zigzag paths do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

I prefer the top zig zag. I think it's an amazing picture. There is more emphasis on the zags. I think they get lost in the 2nd picture.

Jake Egbert said...

I stood on the middle rung of the rail to take those two. I was very happy not to go for a swim!

Tarmy said...

I like the first one. The framing or angle or something of the boardwalk is better for me than the 2nd.
I like the 2nd zigzag better... it's more complete.

Jake Egbert said...

Thanks, Tarmy,

I also like the first shot of the boardwalk under the bridge best. But the composition with the train struck me as pretty well-balanced, too. Plus, the train was cruising along and I was happy to be able to include it in a somewhat well-composed frame!