Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunset on the Connecticut River - Perspectives

Sometimes a very small change in perspective can make a big difference. The five photos featured in this update were all taken from the exact same spot on the boardwalk. Which perspective works the best for you?

This shot was taken from a standing position and at a bit of a slant to make it a bit more interesting.

Here's a bugs-eye view with a mid-range focal depth. The boardwalk nearly converges to a single point at this wide angle.

Same bugs-eye view at higher zoom and a deep focus. I love the line of screws winding down the middle of the walkway and the stand of tall reeds sprouting up like flames over the horizon. This picture didn't do much for me until I cropped it down a bit; now it may be my favorite of the set.

This one brings the focal point up close and personal. This one was my favorite until I cropped the one above.

When I was done laying in the middle of the boardwalk to take pictures I rolled over to get back to my feet and this is what I saw... One of my lovely assistants taking her own pictures despite the very-cold wind!


Anonymous said...

I think the 2nd one is my favorite from an artistic standpoint though if I were to hang one on the wall, I prefer the 1st one. I like sharp in the front and blurry in the background if there is something I'm focusing on in the foreground.

You are making me think I need to spend more time at the beach with my camera!

Jake Egbert said...

Thanks for the comments!

So I suppose 6 or 10 screws and a couple of bare planks doesn't really count as much to focus on in the foreground, does it? :) I agree. #4 reminds me a lot of the blurry trees in this post, though, which I also like way more than I probably should. I can't really explain why.